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Our Pasha luxury products are a result of artistic handcrafted detailed workmanship that takes more than 12 hours per product to signify its beauty.

Natural imperfections in leather are normal in our sandals. All leathers including metal accessories suffer from humidity and weather. Generally this may cause normal or permanent wear and tear.

To prevent this, we recommend avoiding contact with water, alcohol perfumes & solvents, oils and grease or any other abrasive materials. If the sandals get wet, let them dry outdoors but in the shade.

After each use, wipe them clean with a soft cloth. This will remove any bits of dirt that may have stuck during wear.

Lastly, each sandal comes in a stunning gold box and shoe bag to store them in! This will ensure your sandals last a lifetime and keep them looking as good as when you first received them.

Pasha assumes limited responsibility and excludes eventual deterioration and mishandling of the product.

If you require specific care guidance for your product purchased please do not hesitate to approach us for advice at

Thank you and we hope you love your Pashas!