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Article: How to Choose the Best Wedding Sandals for Your Big Day?

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How to Choose the Best Wedding Sandals for Your Big Day?

You can have the most beautiful wedding outfit, sparkling jewellery, flawless makeup, and a mesmerizing hairdo. But are they enough to make your "the day" unforgettable?

The answer is no. Something seems to be missing!

Yes, we are talking about your wedding sandals. The one that has the power to make or break your wedding attire. Brides often underestimate the importance of choosing the right wedding sandal. Therefore it is important to thoughtfully choose a sandal that is both - comfortable and stunning.

Here we have listed a detailed guideline to help the 'would-be bride' choose the perfect wedding sandals:

1 - Seek comfort in your Wedding Sandals

Your wedding day will require long hours of standing. Therefore, the first step to consider while choosing a wedding sandal is "Comfort." No matter how beautiful a pair of heels seems in the display window, you must try them on to see if they are comfortable.

Your face will eventually betray you when your sandals are hurting your feet. So, whatever you choose, you must be certain that it will not come back to bite.

2 - Your outfit and sandals should complement

Go for your wedding sandal shopping after choosing your outfit. It is sensible since you will choose the right shoes when you have your bridal gown ready. The length of your clothing will have a major effect on the sandals you choose.

For example, you could wear a gold rhinestone flat for heavy work gown.

3 - Consider your Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue will play a role in choosing your wedding sandals. Say no to pencil heels if you're having a farmhouse wedding since you'll be walking on grass. Instead, you could wear gold rhinestone thong sandals.

Not only should you consider the wedding location, but also the distances. For instance, if the stage is on an incline or up a flight of stairs, and other comparable issues.

4 - Go for Trials

Do not keep your gladiator flat sandals bought from sale lying around until the wedding day. New sandals are always unpleasant at first, and you may even experience shoe bites. Wear your shoes for a few hours every day to be sure that they fit you properly. well.

5 - Keep a backup pair

To avoid a disaster, it's best to keep a backup pair of sandals on hand. It is not necessary to get an exact match. For example, a basic pair of gold jewelled sandals would do.

If everything goes perfectly, you can wear those neutral colours for any other time. And if you absolutely need them, they'll look great with your wedding gown.

To sum it up

Now you know the rundown of choosing your bronze metallic flat wedding sandals. With this, you can let the shopping spree begin!