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Article: How to Buy Ideal Bridal Footwear?

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How to Buy Ideal Bridal Footwear?

Brides who are not that passionate about shoes keep purchasing jewelry shoes at the end of the shopping list. But for those brides who adore shoes, you must keep some things in mind for top priority.

Your rhinestone jewelry sandal can make or break a leg in your wedding. On the wedding day, you'll have to stand for long hours. Hence the jewelry sandal must be comfortable.

Your sandal should be of the correct size, you should be able to walk freely through some uneven surfaces, and it should properly match your wedding dress.

These points are the most crucial things you must keep in mind while choosing your jewelry sandal. Along with these points, we will also explain a few more suggestions that will help you find your ideal jewelry sandal for sale.

1- The heel height should be comfortable

The heel height is a very personal choice, and the height should be decided as per your comfort. If you wear heels daily, you can use heels that you're comfortable wearing.

If you do not wear heels, then choosing a 3-inch jewelry sandal is not the right choice. You should stick with your flats, and they also look stunning.

2- Purchase the sandals at the very end

One of the biggest mistakes that most brides make is choosing the rhinestone jewelry sandal first and then buying the dress. When you purchase your footwear first, there is no compulsion; you should get your bridal dress as per your footwear.

If the dress you liked doesn't match the footwear, you'd have to spend more purchasing shoes. Hence, buy your dress and ornaments, decide your hair and makeup, and then purchase the footwear.

3- Research about various types of jewelry sandal

Before you step out to purchase your footwear, you need to have a clear idea about what you need. You do not want the store sales people to intimidate you with endless choices and styles. Hence, professionals always suggest doing thorough research about footwear.

While researching, keep in mind your dress and the ornaments and choose accordingly. If you are intimidated by the choices, you find online; you can ask your friends and family for help.

4- The dress and the sandals should complement each other

Many brides have a misconception that if their outfit is different from their footwear, it will leave a lasting impression. Well, that notion is wrong. Your footwear and outfit must match so that it would look more polished, stylish, and elegant.

For example, if your outfit is golden, red, or pink, your footwear should also be of the same hues. A little lighter or darker shade is fine, but they should not be contrasting. It would not look good in your wedding photos.

Final thoughts

Because you get married once in a lifetime, every bride must look their best. Hence the dress, ornaments, footwear, hair, and makeup should be perfect and done by professionals.